LiebeKlara is LiebeFonts’ most delicious gourmet creation yet.

The mouth-watering look of savory swashes and the fine aroma of masterfully sprinkled contextual alternates will make everyone happy—your spouse, family, and friends.

LiebeKlara is festive enough to sit on wedding menus, but still warm enough to give everyday dinner invitations the personal flavor they deserve.
LiebeKlara likes company—for example when her girlfriend LiebeErika comes over and they have some LiebeOrnaments with their LiebeMenu.

LiebeKlara also likes travelling! She speaks most Western languages fluently and with a cute accent.

Try it for yourself—LiebeKlara is calorie-free but (or because) she is very delicate.

We hope you like her as much as we do! Bon appétit!

LiebeKlara comes with a tasty variety of ligatures and alternative forms available through OpenType features.

The font contains over 580 carefully hand-crafted glyphs—so it’s more like two or three fonts in one.

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flambierte Schweinelendchen
creamy strawberry smoothie
Bei Mutti schmeckt’s am besten!