January 2023

Upcoming Talks:

TypeParis Now
Paris, June 2023

Front Conference
Zurich, August 2023

January 2023

Upcoming Workshops:

Script typeface design
Online, January 2023

January 2023

Watch recent talks:

Beyond Tellerrand
Adobe MAX
Creative Mornings

January 2023

Yeah, together with Chris Campe I wrote a book about type design and font production:
Making Fonts!
Designing Fonts

December 2022

I was invited to Japan, in order to give a talk and a color font workshop at Spectrum Design Fest in Tokyo.

November 2022

I had the pleasure to give a talk at c’t webdev

September 2022

In my talk at Fontstand Conference in The Hague, I shared some insights about what it takes to create handwriting fonts.

September 2022

I traveled to Utrecht in order to talk about type nerdiness at Fronteers Conference.

February 2022

I gave a talk at Visibel Fagdagene in Oslo

February 2022

Watch the recording of the Adobe Fonts Show, where I talked about color fonts!

January 2022

I had the pleasure to talk about LiebeHeide’s making of at Typografische Gesellschaft München.

November 2021

What a ride! So much energy and love during Beyond Tellerrand Conference in Düsseldorf! I felt a bit like a rockstar. ;-)

October 2021

What a nice audience at We Love Graphic Design! I gave a talk about all the possibilities, font technology offers us today. During my presentation I demonstrated some playful type experiments that showed evidence: type is not just for reading but it’s fun and entertaining, too.

September 2021

I gave a color fonts workshop at Design Matters conference in Copenhagen. So many cool results in only 1.5 hours!

April 2021

Haven’t heard about OpenType features, yet? In this livestream at Adobe Fonts, you will learn what OpenType features are and how to add more variety to your typographic design.

March 2021

I had a nice evening at BDG-Feierabend on air, showing the process of creating handwriting fonts.

November 2020

Unlock the Fun! Marc Thiele invited me to show some playful possibilities in font technology at his all-new Stay Curious event.

October 2020

I gave a talk at ATypI All Over and shared the process of my color font LiebeHeide. Watch the video to learn more about this new technology!

April 2020

Go watch the recording of the Creative Mornings talk I gave together with Chris Campe and learn about when a prefabricated font is more suitable for your projects and when it makes more sense to use a custom lettering.

June 2019

I was invited to the beautiful city of Faenza in Italy to give a talk at Kerning conference

May 2019

I am proud to be co-organizing the Berlin Letters festival, where I also gave a talk on what to keep in mind when producing a hand-written font.

April 2019

2-day type design workshop in Munich.
More information and content of teaching here.
(April 16–17, 2019)

April 2019

At The Design Kids I shared some knowledge about running my own type foundry.

March 2019

I was in Leipzig and talked at Typotable about my type foundry and my work flow

January 2019

I gave a lecture at Hochschule Niederrhein

June 2018

New LiebeFonts app:
Fifty lovely ways to say “Nö”
A set of 50 hand-crafted stickers for iOS 10

June 2018

I had the pleasure to share some insights regarding the technical aspects of type design during TypeLab at Typographics, New York

May 2018

I talked about my work as a type designer and the importance of the use of OpenType Features at TYPO Berlin, biggest design conference in Europe. Watch the recording of the talk!

May 2018

I gave a talk at TYPO Labs conference.
Watch my talk about what a font is capable of thanks to OpenType features and how applications often fail to support them!

April 2018

Talk at Kuttners Schöne Nerdnacht

March 2018

New Release:
please welcome LiebeGerda to the LiebeFonts family!

March 2018
January 2018

Lecture at HBK Saar
(College of Fine Arts)

January 2018

Talk at Tag der Typografie Wiesbaden

November 2017

Talk at Pecha Kucha Berlin at Heimathafen Neukölln

October 2017
September 2017
August 2017

New custom brush font for bareMinerals cosmetic brand

June 2017

Talk at up.front

March 2017

Talk at Women Who Code

February 2017
February 2017
August 2016

I will give a talk about OpenType features at TypoDay Köln in September

April 2016

Blog post about the Beyond TYPO font on Alphabettes

March 2016

Talk about fonts with hand-written look at Typo­stammtisch

March 2016

You can now download the Beyond TYPO font I made in cooperation with artist Steff Hengge for free at the TYPO Berlin website

February 2016

LiebeLotte was selected by FontShop as one of the best typefaces of 2015

June 2015

Talk at Tag der Schrift

June 2015

Article on Medium about the making of LiebeLotte: “You Say Cute, I Say Code”

March 2015
March 2015

Twitter Q&A with LiebeFonts as part of Women in Design Week at FontShop

February 2014

TypeTalk at the Berlin Apple Store

November 2013

Interview Fünf Fragen an
at FontShop

May 2013

Interview Creative Characters at

January 2013

Talk about LiebeKlara at Typografische Gesellschaft München

October 2012
March 2012

Contribution to Slanted Magazine #17 for the theme Cartoon/Comic (page 62)

February 2012

LiebeFonts’ iOS app LiebeZoo now available at the App Store

October 2011

Interview at Typografie.info

September 2011

LiebeDoni mentioned at FontBlog

August 2011

LiebeDoni featured at Before and After magazine

April 2011

Article about my lettering work at Letterjazz (in German)

March 2011

Presentation of LiebeErika font at DMIG magazine

February 2011

Talk about LiebeFonts at Typo­stammtisch

January 2011

LiebeErika is amongst MyFonts’ top selling fonts of 2010